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Let us help you save $$ and go green! Save our environment.

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Why pay for hot water & electricity when you can use the sun for FREE!
  •   Reduce your dependence on fossil fuels and fight global warming.
  •   Benefit from Federal, State and local solar incentives programs.
See our Solar Hot Water Solutions for savings on heating your hot water.  In a typical household 20-30% of your utility bill goes towards heating hot water! 
Our  Solar Electric Solutions ( Photovoltaics, PV ), will add value to your home and  reduce your carbon footprint  while allowing you save your electric bills.  A typical houshold can save hundreds of dollars annually. Further, with NET METERING you  realize even greater savings by selling unused power produced by your PV system to your utility company for KWh credits to be used later.

Our Products Include:
  • Solar Panels
  • Solar Hot Water Heating Kits and Package Deals
  • Solar Electric Kits and Package Deals
  • Inverters
  • Solar Panel Mounting & Trackers
  • Cables & Wiring
  • Charge Controllers
  • Solar System Enhancement & Monitoring
  • Lightning Arrestors 
  • DC Circuit Combiners
  • DC Voltage Converters
  • Deep Cycle Batteries
  • Enclosures, Electrical and Safety
  • Energy Efficient Products
  • Lighting & Fans
  • Solar Street Lighting
  • Portable Power Systems
  • Power Panels
  • Solar Space Heating
  • Solar Pool Heaters and Pumps
  • Solar Water Pumps
  • Wind Turbines
  •  Site Analysis  & System Design
  • Installation & Project Coordination

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