Efficiency Consulting Services

Prudent Energy Group utilizes energy audits to customize and provide each with an integrated scope of cost effective solutions. Typical improvements include the following:

  • Occupants energy use patterns adjustments
  • Lighting system retrofits, controls/sensors - CFL + LED
  • Strategic Natural Lighting solutions
  • HVAC system upgrade / replacement
  • Enhanced Building Automation/Energy Management Systems
  • Building envelope upgrade
  • Window replacements
  • Major appliance  upgrade / replacement
  • Insulation Improvements
  • Duct sealing
  • Solar Attic Fans
  • Power Conditioning
  • Water conservation
  • Renewable energy: on-site solar hot water
  • Renewable energy: on-site solar electric
  • Renewable energy: on-site pool heating
  • Renewable energy:  geothermal, etc
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