About Solar Hot Water

Solar hot water systems are very efficient,and can  provide up to 80% of a home's annual hot water needs. Solar hot water isn't just for personal use. Today's solar thermal solutions offer systems for space heating, pool heating, water heating  and even cool air for air conditioning.

Solar hot water has proven to be very efficient, reliable and cost effective. Solar hot water systems designs  have evolved into energy systems that perform extremely well in various  climates. The U.S. Department of Energy estimates that over 1 million U.S.  homes have had a solar hot water system installed. With the current incentive programs and "Green" initiatives, coupled with improved system designs,  we anticipate millions of new installations of solar hot water systems over the next few years. 

A solar hot water system allows less dependency on your local utility company. California utility rates alone have steadily risen 6.7% annually for the past 30 years? Likewise, utility rates in Florida are slated for dramatic increases in excess of 25% in some cases. Because homes with solar hot water systems are far less dependent on utility companies, price increases have very  little effect on them.
 As a business or homeowner, installing a solar hot water system is a wise choice, but with many solar hot water companies to choose from, it can be difficult to differentiate one system from another. Prudent Solar  takes the guessing and pains out of the equation and provides you with value, quality design, experience, excellent customer support and follow up.