Solar Electric, Photovoltaic (PV)  Systems

 A well engineered solar energy system offers a return on investment, an offset of current energy expenses, and allows you to  hedge against rising energy costs. Installing a solar electric system is a durable investment.  The modules supplied by A Solar Place are warranted with long useful life since there are no moving or wearing parts. A Solar Place offers an array of products for customized renewable energy systems for retrofit and new build applications. Our residential solar electric product line includes PV modules, mounting systems, inverters, system monitoring components In addition to high-performance, user-friendly installations, many of our products are designed to meet important homeowner and community aesthetic needs.

Some of today's PV Modules are designed with black back sheets and frames so that they become almost invisible or look high-tech. A variety of mounting options allows them to be mounted flush to a roof, integrated into carport awnings and covered walkways, or mounted in sculptural configurations.

We provide resources to ensure all products and installations hold up to demanding environmental conditions and meet stringent structural requirements while providing maximum flexibility and capability in project design.

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