Project Management & Coordination


Prudent Solar Group (PSG) Engineering services is focused on the  needs of the photovoltaic and renewable industry. With the rapid growth in the industry over the past several years, very few companies have the experience to adequately make the necessary engineering and design decisions for systems from small systems of several kilowatts to larger, utility-scale megawatt projects.

With over 20 years experience in utility infrastructure and renewable energy design including, analysis, planning, system design, construction management, system acceptance and troubleshooting, Prudent Solar Group has the proficiencies and capabilities to design, engineer and implement your total energy solution.

Through alliances with our engineering and construction partners PEG has successfully project managed over 15 Megawatts of renewable energy solutions for commercial applications.

PSG will help you and your company achieve attainable renewable energy objectives and realize the financial benefits it offers.