Turnkey Solutions

Prudent Solar Group (PSG) offers complete turnkey solutions.  PSG customizes the appropriate financing package to optimally balance each customer's resources, expectations and return on investment while maintaining direct control over the entire design and construction process. This service approach not only assures the client their project will be executed with the highest attention to detail but also an unsurpassed standard of quality in the company's five specialty areas, which include:

  • Energy efficiency evaluations and recommendations based on energy monitoring
  • Photovoltaic (PV) system design, engineering, and installation
  • Negotiating specifics of Feed-in-Tariff where possible
  • Negotiating specifics of Power Purchase Agreements (PPA) where possible
  • Energy monitoring selection, installation and system commissioning
  • Management and coordination of state and federal grant applications
  • Assistance in the long and short-term management and sale of Solar Renewable Energy Certificates (SREC)
  • System maintenance plan management

The upfront costs of installing energy-saving upgrades, such as solar panels and efficient lighting, present a daunting barrier to entry for public and private commercial property owners, especially schools and other municipal–run facilities. Recognizing this market inefficiency, PEG has  created a paradigm shift within the industry by allowing clients to make investments in energy upgrades with no upfront costs. This is possible by creating customized funding plans that maximize available federal, state and local rebates, tax credits and other incentives, augmented by funds secured by PEG.

The company's leadership and  partners,  draw upon decades of experience to provide PEG customers with true turnkey services in this emerging field.

As the U.S. undertakes an unprecedented ramp-up of efficiency funding, offering $25 billion in energy efficiency programs through federal stimulus funds, companies nationwide are prospering from increasing energy efficiency and installing renewable energy, even in challenging times. Building this new energy economy requires private investment and a new way of doing business. PEG has employed a  model that provides access to much-needed capital funds to effect turnkey renewable energy solutions.

Individual client savings vary depending on a number of factors including local energy rates, type of facility, hours of operation and level of business activity. The company's self-funded model allows clients to minimize financial risks by paying a portion of the savings results over the contract term.

Existing buildings consume more than 70% of electricity and produce more than a third of the greenhouse gas pollution in the U.S.

At PSG we believe our finance model will help streamline the market and enable the rapid adoption of energy efficient upgrades. It is Prudent Solar Groups's mission to help our clients understand that financial resources exist to help make energy upgrades as good for business as they are for the environment.