Commercial Energy Audits

The primary purpose of a business energy audit or commercial energy audit is to evaluate the energy consumption of commercial facilities or small business locations and make recommendations to eliminate wasted energy and lower monthly energy costs.

In most corporate settings, upgrades to a facility's energy infrastructure must compete for capital funding with non-energy-related investments. Increased energy costs and new tax credits from cities and the federal government are enabling small business owners to affordably update their commercial facilites and reduce their monthly energy costs.

Typical Office Energy Consumption

PEG  views buildings as systems; providing each with an integrated scope of solutions. Typical improvements include the following:
  • Occupant behavior
  • Lighting system retrofits, controls/sensors - CFL + LED
  • HVAC system upgrade / replacement
  • Enhanced Building Automation/Energy Management Systems
  • Building envelope upgrade
  • Major equipment upgrade / replacement
  • Water conservation
  • Renewable energy: on-site solar, geothermal, etc

Prudent Energy Group (PEG) and our financial partners develop financed energy solutions for commercial building owners that reduce operating and  capital expenses, provide risk mitigation, and decrease environmental impacts. Our energy retrofit program is designed to achieve an average 20%-50% savings on related operating and capital expenses for targeted commercial buildings.

PEG has partnered with LEED certified engineering groups to design and offer a comprehensive program specifically engineered for each client.

In many instances, no capital investment is required.  PEG's financial partners will fund 100% of qualified project costs. A portion of resulting savings is allocated to pay off financing over the term (1-5 years).

Prudent Energy Group specializes in "Comprehensive Commercial Energy Audit"  which focuses on lighting changes, major energy consuming systems, and water usage as these are the easiest areas for business owners to upgrade and provide the fastest return on their energy efficiency spending. The average savings shown from a PEG Energy Audit is approximately 30%.

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