Project Financing

Prudent Solar Group (PSG) and our financial partners develop financed energy solutions for commercial building owners that reduce operating and  capital expenses, provide risk mitigation, and decrease environmental impacts. Our energy retrofit program is designed to achieve an average 20%-50% savings on related operating and capital expenses for targeted commercial buildings.

PSG has partnered with LEED certified engineering groups to design and offer a comprehensive program specifically engineered for each client.

In many instances, no capital investment required.  PSG's financial partners fund 100% of qualified project costs. A portion of resulting savings is allocated to pay off financing over the term (1-5 years).

Funding Process

1. Initial contact via email to Prudent Solar Group (PSG)
2. Response to email with preliminary questions from PSG
3. If project potentially eligible request for in person meeting
4. If positive outcome then execution of Non-disclosure Agreement
5. Then engagement of PSG services by Client
6. Due diligence report prepared by PEG
7. If positive then formal Loan Application is made
8. PSG through its funding network/fund prepares Loan Request
9. If Loan Request is approved then Term Sheet is issued to Client
10. If Term Sheet is accepted by Client then funding process commences
11. Client meets all Term Sheet conditions
12. Loan is advanced